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NEW FOR 2020! Gentle Somatic AyurYoga!

I'm trying something new! I am now offering 1 hour private intake sessions by appointment with the intention to help you begin to develop a personal, gentle, Somatic AyurYoga program for use at home and to practice together at the studio on designated Saturday morning sessions throughout the year.

Your 2nd session will include the making of a video of the personal practice that we have designed together based on your needs and abilities. You will also be offered simple suggestions for lifestyle shifts that might support you along the way including custom ideas for various 5 (actually 6) sense therapies prescribed in Ayurveda.

While the intake and follow up sessions will be one-on-one, the subsequent Saturday practice sessions will be in intimate groups of up to 8 people. The group practices will give you the opportunity to be in community while practicing and working with your own personal program. I will be available during that time to support you, answer questions, make changes as needed, etc. To round out our time together you will be given the opportunity to move freely with fun and inspired music to try on your new found awareness of self and flexibility.

Since this is new, it might take some time to develop. But I am confident that it has value and will help you grow expeditiously in your quest for freedom from pain.

These sessions will not include a formal Ayurvedic dosha discovery other than what is being presented through the physical body and what I can glean from your story. Nor will there be suggestions for herbal or any other remedies that stand outside of the 8 limbs of yoga practices and Ayurveda lifestyle or 5 (6) sense therapy practices.

My intention is to help you create a greater sense of well being in an uncomplicated way that allows you the freedom to feel your body from the inside out and to love it in a new way with a fresh perspective.

Your investment of $175.00 includes 2, 1 hour private sessions and the video.

Each of the follow up Saturday classes is $20.00.

Contact me and let's get started!!!

Love and Light,


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