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Wishing You A Happy Day To Continue The Life You Have!

Gotta love Facebook. Every day it asks me "What's on your mind, Kimberly." And pretty much every day I ignore it and read about what's on the minds of others. Today I seem to have a mind of my own and, while grateful for the new posts, find myself with a lack of patience to read through them. So here is my New Years Blog instead!

Over the last several years I've become keenly aware of how, at the end of each year, I hear many friends and folks in general say, "thank God that year is was horrible. The new year will be better." I've also noticed that it is often the same people that say that year after year. Are you one of them?

I know on a subconscious level I've been that person whether I stated it aloud or not. Over the last few years, I've been practicing allowing my story to just roll forward. Life has ups and downs all of the time; always has and always will. By putting a period at the end of each fiscal year as if it were the end of the story I feel like I cut myself short from gratitude for the blessings and goodness that life has given me over time. Not just this year or that year but the whole bloomin' enchilada of my life.

This is not to say that I don't enjoy or allow the celebration of change, the mystery of what is to come, to wrap me up and take me away. I love all the hoopla of New Years Eve and New Years Day. There is a joyful charge around it to be sure. It's one of the few things that the world celebrates together which makes it fun and diverse. We don't own it here in Southern California just because we have the Rose Parade. I just don't take the turning of the calendar page so seriously as I once did. No more resolutions or goals for me! I'm just letting it roll.

I'm enjoying the greater perspective that my new practice gives me on everything from childhood thru to this moment and keeps me from wallowing in tough times and the sad times and the downright stinky rotten bad times. Over this past week, I've literally been cleaning out my oversized bedroom walk-in closet. You know, the "gonna get around to it" kind. Going through boxes, photos, cards, letters, love notes etc. I came to realize how blessed I've been over the years and how much love has actually been shared. I found myself pondering on the amount of time I've wasted "sweating the small stuff" and the "stuff" I have absolutely no control over! Over the last few years I've noticed myself choosing to be more conscious of my attitude toward things that happen to me, around me and on a global level and keep all things in perspective with a large dose of gratitude and a heaping helping of forgiveness on the side.

I invite you to explore "letting your story roll forward" and see if it doesn't take the pressure off of a good/bad year scenario that invites trouble by expecting things to be better or even perfect once January 1 comes around. The river keeps on rolling, deal with your "stuff" as part of the ride and see if

you can't enjoy the adventure a little more! So here is my offering. May our fiscal years be a curious continuation of the past fiscal years as you and I walk toward our unknown destination. Let's check in with each other and see how we are doing every now and then. Whether it's this year or the next or the next or... Love and light, Kim

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