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Retreat Appointments

On-going yummy body treatments throughout the day by appointment only! In addition to general admission and the day's offering of play-shops, Out Back Yoga will be hosting Watsu sessions and massage therapy appointments. These appointments are separate from the rest of the day's activities - Out Back Yoga access is not included in or required for an appointment.

Appointment Opportunities
Warm-Water WATSU®  treatment in a Saltwater pool with Elina Root
CA Licensed Massage Therapist (# 21036), Certified Watsu Practitioner
Pilates Stretches

WATSU® or "Water Shiatsu" is a floating warm water massage unlike anything else. In a warm pool, you float weightlessly, with small floats wrapped above the knees for added buoyancy. Your head is supported by the therapist’s arm or collar, and your body is gently twisted, stretched and wafted through the water in graceful fluid movements as the therapist massages pressure points. Many report a feeling of oneness with Source, emotional release, pain and stress relief, and energy renewal after just a single session. 


Watsu recipients are also delighted by the inclusion of Crystal Singing Bowls during their session. The unique ringing sound of the bowls vibrates through the water creating deep relaxation, balancing, and holistic healing. 


Rate: $120/60min, $175/90min


To make an appointment or for more information,

please email Elina at


Massage Therapy with Mona King Mills in a private massage room!
Pilates Stretches

Come join Mona, Certified Massage Therapist, CMT/CPMT, for a 55 min or 25 min Therapeutic and Relaxation massage treatment. Including specific bodywork, full body relaxation, Swedish, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Energy Healing, Massage for all medical conditions, (Oncology Certified)

For more info about Mona please visit her extensive website at


For today Mona is offering an Introductory $25 discount from her rates!  Come take advantage of this amazing offer and bliss your way into the day! 


25 mins $40

55 mins $65


Please call Mona to book your session directly for today, 818 300 7851

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