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It's Back! Water Exercise!
It's Back! Water Exercise!
Jul 18, 2018, 9:30 AM
Out Back Yoga

This 8 week summer program runs every Wednesday morning until September 5 and will provide both women and men of ALL ages a comprehensive exploration into the world of aquatic healing. Participants will adapt a deeper understanding and utilization of safe, fun and effective self guided exercise techniques, positive visualization and soft gentle movements for general relaxation, decreased pain and stress reduction. Properly learned aquatic techniques will empower women and men to reach their optimal state of health, relaxation and well-being for years to come.


The focus will be on deep diaphramic breathing , proper body mechanics, balance and stabilization training, core and spinal strengthening and safe stretching. This class is suitable for beginning to intermediate fitness levels. Most injuries or conditions will be accommodated to suit your needs.


Space is limited to 15 people (minimum of 10 in the class)


Questions and reservations made directly to Elina Root at

And please check out the Aqua Care For Me website at


Cost: $135


Form of payment: You may send a check payable to Elina Root, money order or cash. Mail or drop off your payment to 14628 Martha Street, Sherman Oaks.

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